iSpot Unrestricted 2.0

Note: If do not see the Clearwire logo when accessing this page, ensure that you have no special DNS servers setup and that you are on your iSpot device.

Follow the steps to ensure that your iSpot is jailbreakable
Step 1: If you see a Clearwire logo, proceed to Step 2. If you do not see the Clearwire logo, ensure you are on your iSpot.

Step 2: Click the logo. If it worked, you will see something similar to the text below.
Connecting to ( | | 0 --:--:-- ETA lan.conf 100% |*******************************| 2822 --:--:-- ETA

If you see something more like
ERROR: Invalid Argument
then you are on 2209 and should goto the forum for help.

Step 3: If it worked, the script to "jailbreak" your iSpot should now be on your device. All that is needed now, is to reboot your device.
Click to Reboot (Read below before rebooting)

What does this do?

Works with all firmware versions!
Removes the WiFi restrictions
Disables the known Clearwire Auto-Update features (OMA-DM & upgrade.conf)

The super user account password is no longer reset back to "super". However to access the super admin page, the password is "O#81" followed by the last 4 digits of your MAC address. The last 4 of your MAC is shown below:

So if you see Command 122 OK 1C23 then your super password is "O#811C23".

If you want to enable telnet and USB tether mode, click the following links below:

USB tether mode: Click to enable tether mode

Enable Telnet: Click to enable telnet
User: iSpot (case sensitive)
Pass: iSp0tUnR3strict3d (the o in iSpot is a zero)
Change the password immediately after logging in by doing “passwd iSpot”

Reboot: After clicking what you wanted to enable, be sure to reboot to get the features enabled.
Click to Reboot