Is It Safe To Pair Your Device For Kodi Streaming ?

Many of the kodi users might have got a simple question about pairing their device to kodi for streaming that “Pairing My device with kodi for streaming is safe ?”This question is raised tremendously by kodi users after pairing their device became much more common request on kodi than ever.

Its a very confusing situation to all the kodi users when they get a doubt about pairing security for their kodi app.In the initial days of kodi this pairing doubt was not raised as there is no pairing required to stream via kodi app.But as the days passed and the increase in number of kodi users by millions made the developers to make users to stream via kodi app mandatory and then this pairing doubt and pairing issues like https://open load pair error,http pair error, pair error e.t.c araised.

File Hosting :

Basically most of the websites or also called as file hosters earn their revenue by getting users visit their sites, where they use ads. These ads that are shown on their website generate revenue to them, then they use that revenue to maintain their servers and no doubt makes them some money personally for their expences.Then here is the big issue for them is Kodi does not support ads and as it is an app there is no need of visiting a site for their users. All very nice for the Kodi user, not so nice for the guys running expensive servers.

Pairing Your Device :

To meet and satisfy the massive rise in Kodi users, several hosters that are partnered with kodi have now moved to using “pairing”. The developers of kodi made pairing is a must process inorder to pair the file hosters with kodi which makes the file hosters to get some income through their visitors – that shows ads to pair your device or more specifically your router device.This then grants you access to those servers for a period of time, usually 3-4 hours at a time.

Time Saving Tips :

If you invest a very little time in your busy schedule,then you can really speed this process up from next time. What you should do is this, when a link pops up, use your phone browser to pair the link. (remember this pairs your network IP, so any device connected to your network will have access for 4 hours once you pair up). Also try to save the link in my bookmarks  to speedup the process in future . Anytime when you get these pop up again– then you can quickly jump on to your phone, choose the saved bookmark, then click on pair and watch the movie.This process hardly takes 10s for a buffer free link.

So finally what i and all the experienced kodi and kodi addon developers says is pairing with kodi app on your device won’t let you to face any problem since all are very well protected from any trojan or malicious virus that harms your device or the data that is present on your device.The final answer is a BIG YES,there is no problem in pairing on kodi with your device for streaming videos.

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