Whataburger Experience Survey

Want to complete Whataburger Experience Survey??

If yes, then you are at the right place!! Here are the steps for completing Whataburger Experience Survey at its official website, i.e., www.whataburgersurvey.com.

You can even win reward and gift card for completing Whataburger Experience Survey. Nowadays almost every brand and company want to know their customer’s feedback to improve their product quality and services and this is possible only when real people and their customer give feedback about their services and product.

About Whataburger Experience survey

In order to measure their customer satisfaction, Whataburger (one of the fast food restaurant chains in the United States) has created an online portal, Whataburger Experience Survey, which allows the customers to participate in the Whataburger Survey. It conducts the survey at www.whataburgersurvey.com. The feedback received during the survey is used for improving the products and services in order to provide the best experience to the customers. But, before participating in this survey you need to fulfill its eligibility criteria. Also, you need to know the things which are required to begin the survey.

Whataburger Experience Survey

Whataburger Experience Survey Rules

There are certain rules that a participant must follow in order to win rewards for Whataburger Experience Survey. They are as follows:

  • The participant must have a hard copy of the receipt from his/her last visit to the restaurant.
  • The participant must be more than or equal to 18 years of age.
  • The receipt can be used onceonly on invitation mentioned over it.
  • Carefully read the instructionsor rules before initiating.
  • You must be a legal residentof 50 United States & the District of Columbia.
  • Complete the survey until the end and receive a validation code.

Prerequisites For Whataburger Experience Survey

There is only one way through which you can take part in this survey, i.e., online mode.

For this you need:

  • A Valid Receipt: The candidate must have a valid receipt with the valid survey code, Time & Date of the visit and store number.
  • An Electronic Device : A device is needed to take the survey.
  • Internet connection: The candidate must have a device which can access an internet like as Mobile, PC, Tab, laptop Etc.
  • Language preference: The preferred language for this survey is English. But if you are not comfortable with English language, you can take the survey in Spanish. So, the participant must have at least some basic knowledge of one of these two languages in order to complete Whataburger Experience Survey. (You can switch to Spanish language by simply clicking on the ‘Espanol’ option).
  • Email Address

The last thing you should prepare before participating in Whataburger Experience Survey is a valid email address. During survey, the site will ask you to enter your email. (You should not worry since they will not share your email with other parties). In fact, they will use your email to send the coupon. So, when you finish, Whataburger Experience Survey you will get the coupon sent to your email.

Steps To Complete Whataburger Experience Survey  @ www.whataburgersurvey.com

  • Open any of your browsers and visit Whataburger survey official page at whataburgersurvey.com. If you chose to access the Whataburger survey through www.whataburgersurvey.com, you will need to enter some of the details of Whataburger such as restaurant number to access the survey itself. After this step, you’ll be redirected to www.whataburgersurvey.com.

There are two ways by which you can complete your survey. With the help of two ways you can easily proceed with the survey. One is that if you have What-a-burger survey code on your receipt, you can remain on the first page and type in the code in the three separated fields on your screen.

  • Your survey code should be on the bottom half of your screen.
  • In case you are not having a survey code then click on the ‘Click here’ in alignment with ‘If your receipt does not have a survey code’ statement. (Refer the below image).
  • After this, you will have to give the store number. You can find it on the top half of your receipt.
  • Mention the type of your visit: Drive-thru, Dine in or Carry Out.
  • Answer some of their questions for the feedback purpose.
  • Press nextafter you answer each of the questions in the survey. Just before the start of your survey.
  • Try to recall your visit and answer the questions with the best of your knowledge.
  • Now, rate your general satisfaction with the services and products you during your visit.
  • You can answer each question as honestly as possible.
  • Once you have completed the what-a-burger survey you will receive the validation code and will be eligible for Whataburger Experience Survey. Write the code on your receipt. And don’t forget to take it with you the next time you go to Whataburger!!

Whataburger Experience Survey Rewards

Whataburger Experience Survey rewards are given to the customers who participate in the survey. The reward is given upon the completion of the survey, a validation code will be displayed on the screen. Note it down on your receipt and use it to redeem your Free Sandwich on your next visit. Remember that the code can’t be transferred into cash value. The code should be redeemed within a limited period of time. Every company have its own time duration in which the code can be redeemed.

Whataburger Contact Information

Head Office: 300 Concord Plaza

                        Dr. San Antonio, TX 78216
United States

Mailing Address: PO Box 791990
San Antonio, TX 78279

Customer Service: Phone: 1-800-6BURGER
Phone: 210-476-6000

Email Address: www.whataburgersurvey.com

Whataburger Reference Links

  1. Whataburger Customer Feedback Survey Link: whataburgersurvey.com
  2. Whataburger Official Site:  whataburger.com
Conclusion :

During Whataburger Experience Survey, the participants are asked for sharing their opinions on issues related to how well or how poorly the companies are performing. Such survey helps both small and big companies. They help companies gain a better understanding of their customers’ concerns and requirements. The company uses the positive feedback as an appreciation and totally work on the negative feedback and make their service and products meet customer expectations.

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