Perkins Experience Survey

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, or simply Perkins, is an American dining restaurant chain that serves breakfast the entire day. It also has a bakery that sells pastries. Perkins Experience Survey is a program from Perkins Restaurant. Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is one of the casual restaurant chains in the US and Canada. Till date, there are more than 400 Perkins restaurant chains in the United States and Canada. Perkins restaurant is well-known for its delicious menu and bakery products.

Perkins believes in the satisfaction of its guests so that the happy guests will revisit the restaurant.  Along with this the satisfied customers will also recommend this restaurant to their friends and family. So, Perkins always tries to improve the quality of its service and food as well. Besides, Perkins also improve the quality of the menu in the restaurant and bakery case. That is why this restaurant conducts Perkins Experience Survey. With this feedback survey, the restaurant can observe the satisfaction level of each and every guest that visits the restaurant. By doing this Perkins Experience Survey, they get to know in which areas they need to enhance their service.

Perkins Experience Survey!!

You should not miss Perkins Experience Survey if you often visit Perkins restaurant and Bakery. By taking part in Perkins Experience Survey, an individual can share his/her dining experience. Moreover, he/she can receive Perkins coupon discount as well. So, this survey facilitates you to share the feedback while getting the discount. As the participant of Perkins Experience Survey, you must be knowing about the rules and the requirements of this survey.

Rules for Perkins Experience Survey

All guests of Perkins restaurant can participate in this survey. But, they must meet the following requirements. Here are the rules to be a part of the Perkins Experience Survey:

  • The first rule is that you can take part only in one Perkins Experience Survey in a month. You cannot take part in more than one survey in a single month.
  • The second rule is that you must not copy or transfer the validation code to other people.
  • Third rule for the Perkins Experience Survey is that the receipt is valid only for three days after your purchasing date. After three days, you cannot use Perkins receipt to enter this survey.
  • Forth rule for the Perkins Experience survey is that the participant must be equal to greater than 18 years old.
  • Fifth and one of the important rule for the Perkins Experience Survey is that the participant must not be an employee of the Perkins restaurant.

Requirements for Perkins Experience Survey

Understanding the Perkins Experience Survey rules and requirements enables the participant to complete the survey without any difficulty. The survey is simple and therefore, attracts many customers to take part.

Prerequisites for the Perkins Experience Survey are:

  • Before starting this survey, you must have Perkins valid receipt with you.
  • The receipt will have a survey code needed at the time of taking part in the Perkins Experience Survey.
  • You can still take part in this survey even if there is no survey code on your receipt. It is because Perkins Experience Survey can also be accessed by entering some of the receipt details.

There is only one way through which you can take part in this survey, i.e., online mode. Therefore, besides the above mentioned thing, the other requirements for the Perkins Experience Survey are:

  • An Electronic Device – An electronic device is needed to take the survey. The device can be a laptop, a Pc or a mobile phone.
  • Internet Connection – The candidate must have a device with good internet connection. It is because you cannot take part in this survey offline. The fast internet makes you finish the survey quickly.

Steps for Completing Perkins Experience Survey

  1. To start the survey, visit the official website of the Perkins restaurant, i.e.,
  2. Now, enter the Perkins survey code. The code is present near the bottom part of Perkins receipt. The survey code consists of 15 digits.


Perkins Experience Survey

If you cannot find Perkins Experience Survey Code in your receipt, you can do this following method.

  • Simply visit
  • Enter the details such as Perkins store number and check number. The details are given on the receipt.
  • Now, enter the date and time of your visit to the restaurant. Date and time are needed to verify whether you really visited the restaurant or not.
  • After this, you have to fill out Perkins questionnaire to complete this Perkins Experience Survey. Make sure that you do not skip any question in this survey. It is because your feedback is very useful for Perkins restaurant. Besides, this survey also allows you to write some suggestions and comment about this restaurant.
  • After completing the steps of the Perkins Experience Survey, they offers you to join their program (e-club).
  • At the end of the Perkins Experience Survey, you will receive the Perkins survey reward code. Note down the code on the receipt.  So, when you want to redeem the offer, you just need to show this receipt to Perkins staff.

As the survey reward, you can get 10% off for your next transaction at Perkins restaurant.

Perkins Experience Survey Reward

As the token of appreciation for your participation in Perkins Experience survey, Perkins gives you 10% discount on the next bill. To get this discount, you have to present your receipt along with the survey validation code. If your Perkins survey reward code is valid, the cashier will deduct the amount of your bill. This way, you can enjoy Perkins menu at more affordable price. But, you should remember that this validation code can void if you copy or transfer it to someone else. Besides, you must not combine this code with other Perkins coupons. Furthermore, you cannot get the discount for the promotional items, Kid’s menu, Great Plates and Bakery products.

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