Routing Numbers Lookup-How To Find

You can easily use bank routing number lookup tool available here to check for a specific bank’s routing number. Even otherwise, You can know easily your own own routing number if one knows what the different digits of the number stand for. So, one needs to first know and understand the different digits used in the bank routing number.

Identifying the digits for doing routing number lookup easily

If you know what the digits of a bank routing number are one can easily perform routing number lookup. The first four digits consist of numbers identifying the Federal Reserve Bank which is the check writer bank and also of numbers to identify the check processing center. Thus, if the first two digits are 12, then it stands for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The third and fourth digits denote the particular check processing centre. Thus the first four digits may be 1210 or 1291. Now, the next four numbers denote the ABA Institution Identifier and are based on geographical location and type of the Federal Reserve Bank. What any routing number lookup tool that are available online will reveal is these very details that define a particular bank within a Federal Reserve district, the city in which the bank is located and the type of the Federal Reserve. The last number that is included in results for the nine-digit routing number lookup is the check digit. It is actually a number that is used to perform a checksum test. This test ensures that the checks or other negotiable instruments are routed and sent to the appropriate and correct bank. Once an error is encountered, the check will be segregated and sent to a separate error pocket. The checks entering the error pockets will then be manually checked and repaired and then finally resorted and sent onwards. For ex 256074874 is the Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

Utility of routing number lookup

One often needs to know which bank a check represents or has been written by. In such cases, one needs to know how the routing number is formed.

Knowing this essentially means one needs to understand how the digits are formed, what they denote and used in automated clearing house operations among others. The routing number lookup is therefore very useful for understanding and locating the name and particulars of the bank represented on the bottom of the check on the MICR line. The routing number lookup can assist both bank employees and customers who need to know what the routing number means on the check. Sometimes, one also needs to provide the routing number details on bank related forms or in cases which may require such number. Such examples include wire transfer applications, international fund transfers, and debits of credits originating from one bank and ending in another bank account and so on. In such cases, the routing number lookup tool can be very useful.

Types of routing number lookup tools

All types of routing number lookup tools are available online. Some are free tools, as ours. For others, one may need to register on the site concerned. One can even access the ABA website to know all about the routing numbers applicable to its member banks within the USA. All routing number lookup tools, however, provide the same set of information viz. identifying the bank involved, the geographical location of the Federal Reserve Bank and the type of Reserve Bank. Most often, the banks which are members of the ABA also provide details about the routing numbers which serves as an easy and convenient routing number lookup tool for use by domestic and international customers of the bank.


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